The average motorist to give up a car and you will probably receive short shrift. Our love affair with the motor car is buried deep within our psyches but whether or not it is as essential to our lives as we believe it to be is extremely debatable. A recent survey in fact worked out that the average speed of motorists throughout Britain on our non-motorway roads, bearing in mind the fact that much of our time is spent sat in nose to tail traffic jams, is a shade under 8 mph! This is a speed which can easily be exceeded by a cyclist, which leads to the conclusion that many of our in town journeys could be carried out in this way quite efficiently, were it not for the fact that our roads are so cyclist unfriendly! I can in fact think of no quicker way of committing suicide than to attempt to travel down our local major roads on a pushbike.

This does not mean however that we have no option whatsoever but to accept the tyranny of the motor car. Enormous sums have been expended over the last century in knocking down fine buildings and tearing up good agricultural land in order to accommodate the motor car; if only a fraction of these sums were expended on creating safe cycling lanes, and extending these right around our towns and cities rather than the piecemeal approach which has been adopted in so many areas, it is arguable that we could save billions of pounds annually, as well as a huge amount of pollution, by adopting this type of transport system locally.

The insurance industry is certainly doing its best to encourage us not to use our cars, of course! Anyone who has received a car insurance renewal notice will know that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach as realisation dawns that the huge premium last year has been dwarfed by this year's! It is no wonder that Britain is turning more and more towards temporary car insurance schemes - you can check here for more information.

A few short years ago the only way in which you could buy car insurance for a short period, say a few weeks or months, was to go to an insurance broker who would then sigh, shrugged his or her shoulders and then follow up a lot of very disinterested insurers before either telling you that it could not be done, or quoting an outrageous premium. Those days are now behind us, and you can buy a temporary policy very quickly, over the Internet.

One of the main reasons why these policies have been so popular is their very simplicity. There is a short application form to be filled in, credit card numbers to be entered and then voilą! You could have a car covered for anything from a single day upwards. The cost is very competitive, the whole process only takes a few minutes and you could have instant cover, which means that you could walk out to the insured car and drive it quite legally as soon as the transaction had been completed.

Okay, the cost of a days insurance compared to the cost of each day's insurance under a conventional twelve-month policy is high; but that is not the point, these policies are designed for a short term and not a full year. Motorist who only need to drive for a short time each year would save a great deal of money by using temporary policies as and when necessary.

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