Almost as popular as cheap car insurance site, currently taking an extended break from live shows to follow a few of their individual interests and, reportedly, put together a new album the Australian Rock band Tenpenny Joke was formed in Melbourne in 1997 and features Anthony Casey on lead vocals, Brian Rimmer on lead guitar and vocals, Jay Pinfold on drums, Pete Coon on guitar and Jules Senserrick on Bass. Featuring hard rock with shades of such luminaries as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath they have built their massive popularity on ten years of electric live shows featuring awesome songwriting skills and powerful, melodic Rock n'Roll, touring to gigs all over Australia and New Zealand to massive, growing acclaim both locally and internationally and regularly topping the polls on the leading Internet music sites. Having appeared regularly on Australian radio and numerous times on television they've released five videos for their singles "Even Harbour", "Dont Go", "Sense", "Sirens" and "She", which are available on YouTube. 

In 2004 they signed up with Internationally acclaimed SingSing Recording Studios and the result was their album "Ambush On All Sides" with 15 original, killer tracks with diverse shades and roaring guitars which has helped project them to a wider audience. You can get it through Sing Sing Productions or Shock Records in Australia or in the USA it's available from Sunset Records.

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